6 Tips to start the new year off right for your business

January 17th, 2021

2020 was nothing short of challenging and many business owners are still reeling from its various aftereffects. But with 2021 comes fresh opportunities to put your business back on track toward growth. To accomplish these goals, it’s crucial that you start the new year off right so you can meet the next 12 months with your best game face on.

How exactly do you do that?
Being out of your comfort zone, thanks to major events like the coronavirus pandemic, can mess up your perspective and ultimately affect how you run your business. Here are tips to help you regain your momentum:

1. Revisit last year’s goals
Take time to reflect on what happened to your plans last year. List down and celebrate the goals you successfully accomplished — even something simple like pizza on the house will do much to lift everyone’s spirits. If any specific team members contributed to your company’s success, make sure their efforts are duly recognized.

At the same time, create a tally of last year’s unfinished goals. This list can help you identify which aspects of your business or strategy need revising. Not hitting your sales goals, for instance, could mean you need to update the way you engage your customers or market your products.

2. Identify your current priorities
Think of what you want to prioritize this year. Do you want to focus on increasing revenue or would you rather invest in business continuity? Or, considering the mounting risk of cyberattacks, would you rather fortify your company’s cybersecurity?

This isn’t to say you can’t set multiple goals at once. But if you have limited resources, knowing your priorities ensures that these resources go to investments that yield the best returns for your company.

3. Make SMART goals
Dreaming is free, but take care not to set plans that are too lofty for your company. At the end of the day, hard-to-reach goals may hurt your own and your team’s morale. Instead, create objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART). You are more likely to achieve such goals, benefitting your company and keeping everyone driven to work hard.

4. Clean up and organize
Go over the files on your computer or the documents in your shelf. Identify those that are no longer useful and dispose of them (or recycle or donate them, if possible). Do the same for unnecessary objects in your workspace or redundant apps in your devices. Having too many things isn’t just distracting and wasteful, but it can also impair your efficiency. On the other hand, tidying up will help clear both your mind and space in your workplace, making you better prepared to face the challenges ahead.

5. Connect with people who matter
As you recover from the hurdles of 2020 and brace yourself for more in 2021, you will need all the support you can get. Now, more than ever, you should work toward expanding your network by connecting with individuals and organizations who can support you during your journey.

However, keep in mind that maintaining existing relationships is just as important as establishing new ones. Be courteous to investors and suppliers and offer your customers the best service you can provide. Communicate and let them know that you appreciate their relationship with your organization.

6. Invest in tech
If you haven’t yet, invest in solutions that boost your operational efficiency and security while allowing you to save money. Cloud technology, for example, allows you to take advantage of advanced computing resources, including data storage, at an affordable price. The cloud also maximizes the flexibility of your workforce, allowing your team to securely access your files remotely and finish their tasks anywhere with an internet connection.

Managed services are another solution you should consider investing in this year. Managed services providers like Cutting Edge Network Technologies function like a remote IT department. We do much more than repair and maintain your computers, though. We also offer advanced network security services using the most advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect your data from different kinds of cyberthreats.

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