Attracting and recruiting employees in the post-coronavirus era

October 29th, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on various areas of the economy, including the job market. With many businesses forced to downsize or cease their operations, many people found themselves in need of a job. Thus, your recruitment team has three goals to strategize for in the post-coronavirus era: finding viable talents, completing the necessary recruitment steps, and winning over the best candidates. Thankfully, technology can help in all of these.

How do you find new talent during the new normal?
The potential upsurge in the number of job seekers and the risk of contagion make traditional walk-in applications both impractical and unsafe. Instead, use online job application portals to gather curricula vitae (CV). You may also leverage the power and reach of social media to engage interested applicants and provide instructions on how to apply.

You can also use these solutions for recruiting employees:

    • Chatbots

This automated tool engages potential applicants by asking scored questions, accepting CVs, or leading them to pages where they can get more information about the job, among others. Chatbots can be integrated into your website or certain social media platforms.

    • On-demand videos

If you would rather require applicants to create introductory videos, this solution will prove handy. Your recruitment staff sends a link to the applicant. Clicking on the link will lead the applicant to a platform where they can introduce themselves or answer questions via video.

    • Cloud-based tools

For pre-hiring exams, you can use cloud-based solutions like Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. These tools let you easily create exam templates that the applicants can access and answer using any internet-enabled device.

How can you complete the necessary steps in recruiting employees?
With social distancing rules in place, face-to-face interviews are out of the question. Phone interviews are a passable alternative, but if you really want to get the best impression of your candidates, you can do a live interview via video call instead.

Video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet permit calls between two or more users, making them ideal for both one-on-one and panel interviews. What's great is they can be used not just on computers, but also on mobile devices.

How can you win over the best talents?
Once you’ve found the persons you want, getting them on board should be your top priority. You can send a candidate your job offer through email or other secure channels. They can then affix a digital signature and send the document back to you.

It’s likely that a candidate will have offers from multiple companies, so it’s important to make your business as appealing as possible. More than promising a competitive salary, you can also offer attractive perks, such as flexible working options.

Even if you’re considering returning to the office soon, you might want to still offer your current and future staff the chance to work from home when needed. Take note, however, that flexibility goes beyond the ability to work remotely. You must also give your staff greater autonomy over their time.

Instead of requiring them to work a continuous eight-hour schedule, you can let them layer their shift throughout the day. Besides making their job more convenient and less stressful, this perk also gives them time to perform crucial personal or family-related tasks, such as preparing meals or taking their kids to and picking them up from school.

Having the right tools is crucial to making flexibility perks work. Chat apps like Slack allow team members to communicate and exchange files despite being miles apart. Meanwhile, collaboration apps like Trello and Basecamp ensure that even if your staff pauses a certain task, they can keep track of it and resume where they left off later.

With recruitment becoming digital, you need good IT to find and hire the best people for your team. At Cutting Edge Network Technologies, we ensure the security and performance of your IT system. Our experts can also give you recommendations on the best tools to make your recruitment process a success.

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