How to pick the right IT partner provider in 2023

With newer technologies and more sophisticated cyberattacks expected in the coming year, many businesses are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs) to help them navigate their increasingly complex and vulnerable tech infrastructure.

And for good reason. When you partner with the right MSP, you can count on a number of benefits, including reduced costs, access to experts with specialized skill sets, and 24/7 support. It's therefore essential to find an MSP that fits your business so you can enjoy all the advantages that come with a trusted tech partner.

Whether you're looking for your first MSP or switching to a new one in 2023, here are some tips to keep in mind when vetting prospective providers:

1. Assess your needs

Identify exactly why you need an MSP. Are you looking for one that can offer particular security solutions, or is your priority hassle-free day-to-day IT management? Do you need help rolling out a tech initiative?

It's helpful to write down the scope of what you expect your provider to do and list out the specific features and technologies you need. This will make it easier to find a provider that offers the tech you're looking for and has the skills best suited to meet your requirements.

2. Do background research on potential MSPs

Taking time to thoroughly vet prospective MSP partners gives you an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities and services. For starters, you can check customer reviews and case studies, as these will help paint a clearer picture of how the MSP approaches complex problems and how successful they are in resolving them.

You can also ask for insights from your peers in the industry who may be familiar with or have partnered with a particular MSP in the past. This will allow you to get firsthand accounts of the provider’s track record and key strengths.

3. Look for proven expertise

Select an MSP that has an established track record of providing successful solutions and has customers who are satisfied with their services and willing to vouch on their behalf. Also, inquire about any certifications or qualifications the MSP team has earned throughout the years. These certifications demonstrate the provider’s commitment to staying up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies — a quality that will bring you to the forefront of technology in 2023 and beyond.

4. Understand each MSP's support structure

One of the key benefits of partnering with an MSP is round-the-clock support and maintenance, which can prove invaluable when something goes wrong during off hours or over weekends or holidays.

However, MSPs can have different support structures, such as the channels through which they can be reached and how soon they can address tickets. Some MSPs also offer either on-site or remote support, while some offer both. It's therefore essential to talk to the providers you're vetting and ask exactly what kind of assistance they can provide.

5. Be particular about cybersecurity measures

Cyberattacks are expected to become even more numerous and smarter in 2023, making it even more important for your business to pick an MSP that can implement robust security protocols.

Ask potential MSPs about the cybersecurity measures they use on their own systems so you can gain a better understanding of their security approach and what type of solutions they offer. Inquire also about how often they monitor systems for any signs of malicious activity or data breaches, as this will help you assess if your data is protected at all times.

It’s also worth considering what backup strategies the MSP offers in case of an emergency. Having a reliable backup plan ensures your data remains secure even in the event of a major incident such as a cyberattack or system failure, which can help mitigate any disruption to your operations.

Choosing the right MSP can be a daunting task, but by following the tips in this article, you can find one that is best suited to meet your specific business needs. For more information on MSPs, contact our team at Cutting Edge Technologies. We are one of Florida’s most trusted tech partners, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in delivering customized solutions that help our clients maximize their return on investment.

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