How a dual monitor system can benefit your business

Most people are aware of the benefits that come with using a dual monitor system in their personal lives. But what about in a business setting? Believe it or not, using two monitors per desktop can actually increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. In this blog post, we will discuss the ways in which […]

5 Tech trends your business can’t ignore in 2023

The business technology landscape is always changing. So if you want your company to stay ahead of the curve, you need to pay attention to the latest tech trends that will play a big role in shaping the business environment over the next few years.

In 2023, keep an eye on the following technology trends that can revolutionize the way people do business.

Protect against phishing attacks with Microsoft 365 Defender

Phishing is an online scam in which hackers attempt to steal people’s personal information by sending them fraudulent emails or messages. These emails often appear to be from legitimate companies, such as banks or credit card companies. Microsoft 365 Defender can help protect users from phishing scams, and here’s how. Phishing is one of the […]

How much internet bandwidth do you really need to work remotely?

If your company shifted to a remote work setup, you should understand how crucial having enough internet bandwidth for remote workers is. But what does “good enough” mean? And what’s the minimum bandwidth ideal for work-related tasks? Let’s find out. What is internet bandwidth? Bandwidth is how much data your internet connection can transfer in […]

Protect your business through proactive cybersecurity

The number of successful cyberattacks grows steadily every day, making it more important than ever for businesses to implement robust cybersecurity solutions. Part of a comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure is a proactive cybersecurity strategy. This involves taking steps to prevent attacks from happening in the first place, rather than reacting after an incident occurs. In this […]

2022 BSOF Annual Meeting – Registration Underway!

November 7th, 2022

We are proud to announce that Cutting Edge Network Technologies will be sponsoring the 2022 annual Bones Society of Florida conference.

In addition to having the privilege of supporting many of the BSOF Orthopedic practices, we have also enjoyed participating in the annual conferences for over 16 years! (Wow - how time flies!)

If you are already a member of BSOF we look forward to seeing you at Booth #3 this weekend.

What topics should your company’s security awareness training cover?

As the number of data breaches continues to increase by the year, it's becoming clearer that companies need to do more than implement the latest cybersecurity tools to protect their data. One of the best ways businesses can improve their cybersecurity posture is to have all employees undergo security awareness training.

Microsoft 365 offers new tools that better support hybrid work

Microsoft constantly innovates its products according to the changing times. In fact, it has added new and improved features to Microsoft 365, enabling the productivity suite to better support hybrid work. From creating collaborative experiences to improving efficiency, here’s a quick guide on the latest in Microsoft 365 for hybrid workers. Excel Live Last year, […]

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