7 Sure signs of a data breach

Many organizations don’t realize they have fallen victim to a data breach until weeks or months after the fact. According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, businesses take around 287 days to detect and contain a breach. Within that period, they lose an average of $4.24 million in revenue due to customer turnover and system downtime as well as other related costs.

How to implement a zero trust security framework

Network security has always been a top priority for organizations of all sizes and across industries. It is a business’s network, after all, that enables the flow of mission-critical data. Protecting corporate networks has become even more important today due to the increasing number and sophistication of cyberattacks that pose a threat to these systems.

5 Tips to prevent work from home burnout

Remote work is a dream come true for many employees and employers alike. Working from home gives employees the freedom to create schedules that allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employers also benefit by saving on utilities and rent as well as having a more productive workforce.

What does network management entail?

It’s been said that data is the lifeblood of any business — and the network through which it flows is akin to the circulatory system. A properly functioning network is vital to delivering the information that supports and drives every aspect of an organization’s operations.

How to prepare your company for the hybrid work era

The great work from home experiment of 2020 has proved that work can be done — and done well — even outside the confines of a physical office. As such, many companies are now planning to adopt a hybrid work model post-pandemic to accommodate the expectations of employees and to continue reaping the benefits of remote work.

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