We are increasing your Breach Detection Security!

June 29th, 2020
We are increasing your Breach Detection Security!

For those Cutting Edge Network Technologies clients on our 2020 “Cutting Edge Process” Managed Services Plan or that have added Huntress Breach Detection services to their existing agreement - we have just implemented new features!

Huntress is a tool that we use to protect clients from breaches of Desktops, Laptops and Servers. This is a fantastic tool that allows us to react and respond to potential breaches very quickly.

As of today, Huntress released a major update that expands their security toolset to include “Ransomware Canaries” and “External Recon”. These new features add to the already impressive Breach Detection services that Huntress provides. See below for details on what has just been added:

Ransomware Canaries:

The Huntress "Ransomware Canaries" service is designed to detect malicious ransomware activity on an endpoint. Similar to how miners used canaries in the coal mines to detect harmful gases like carbon monoxide, this feature works by deploying canary files in various directories and monitoring them for changes. When the Huntress Agent detects that a canary file has been altered, renamed, or deleted (such as when it gets encrypted by ransomware), it will alert our Threat Operations Team. Our team will review the conditions causing the alert and notify the Cutting Edge Network Technologies Engineers of the incident details.

External Recon:

Our External Recon service provides visibility into the external attack surface of an endpoint with the Huntress agent installed. Our first iteration of this feature scans for a variety of open ports that could indicate a misconfiguration or security concern. The primary goal of this feature is to alert our partners by highlighting the low-hanging fruit that attackers often gravitate toward when launching their attacks.

Get More Information:

If you currently have our Huntress Breach Detection Services and have questions please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions about these new fantastic features.
If you do not currently have Breach Detection and are interested in adding please let us know and we can give you more information including pricing.

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