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Why choose Cutting Edge Network Technologies for Healthcare Managed IT services?

  • No more struggling with data security; our HIPAA-compliant IT services give you peace of mind.
  • Eliminate high costs, optimize healthcare operations and boost ROI with our managed IT.
  • End downtime worries, our specialized support ensures uninterrupted patient care.
  • Switch from limited storage, our cloud solutions make data management efficient and secure.
  • Don’t lose sleep over cyber threats. Our robust security measures protect your medical data

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Cloud Management

Securely handle patient records and healthcare apps with cloud technology for streamlined access and reliable data backups, with no compromise on security.

System Integration

Streamline care coordination effectively by integrating diverse healthcare systems, including EHRs and diagnostic imaging tools, for a unified patient care approach.

Software Updates

Maintain the highest healthcare service standards with cutting-edge automated software updates that guarantee compliance, current practices, and streamlined patient care.

Multi-Channel Support

Gain comprehensive support through email, text, live chat, and phone, all customized and integrated seamlessly into your existing healthcare systems for uniform service.

Compliance Mastery

Ensure full compliance with critical industry regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR, safeguarding patient information and steering clear of significant penalties.

Insightful Analytics

Access in-depth analytics and robust quality control measures, ensuring continuous advancement in patient care and service quality.

Disaster Recovery

Fortify your healthcare operations against unforeseen events with our comprehensive disaster recovery strategies, ensuring data protection and operational continuity.

Remote Monitoring

Ensure the integrity of your healthcare systems around the clock with our real-time remote monitoring services, accessible from any location for constant oversight.

Continuous Monitoring

Experience continuous operational excellence with our 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your medical databases remain optimized, secure, and fully functional at all times.

Why Work With Us for Healthcare Managed IT Needs?

Managed IT Services for Healthcare Institutions Facilities

Exceptional Technical Proficiency

Struggling with integrating technology with your healthcare systems? Say no more. 

Cutting Edge Network Technologies brings a unique blend of advanced technical skills and deep healthcare sector knowledge

Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies, from cloud computing to cybersecurity, and is continually updated to match the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare IT. 

We deploy the latest solutions with precision, ensuring that your healthcare institution stays ahead of the curve in terms of both technology and patient care.

Streamlined IT Operations for Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to complex IT operations that drain resources. 

We help reduce the need for in-house expertise by taking care of all your technology needs, from network setup to maintenance. 

This streamlined approach not only simplifies your workflow but also significantly cuts overhead costs.

Cutting Edge Network Technologies delivers services designed to be cost-efficient in the long run. Our focus ensures that you get value at every step.

Healthcare Managed IT Services

Don't Let IT Issues Derail Patient Care

See why healthcare facilities have entrusted us for more than a decade.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare Institutions Facilities

A Partner in Compliance and Security

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We rigorously adhere to the same compliance standards that govern your healthcare organization. 

From annual HIPAA Security Awareness Training for every team member to robust security measures for our own systems, we make compliance and security our top priority. 

Additionally, we conduct annual Risk Assessments to evaluate and enhance our security posture continually. 

By operating under these stringent guidelines, we offer you more than service; we offer peace of mind

Choosing us means partnering with a company committed to the long-term success, security, and compliance of your healthcare facility.

Enhanced Support for Patient Experience

Struggling with inconsistent patient experiences? We don’t just manage IT; we optimize the entire patient interaction journey. 

Our bespoke support systems seamlessly guide patient interactions from the initial consultation to post-care follow-ups. 

This integrated approach turbocharges efficiency and satisfaction levels, benefiting both your healthcare staff and your patients. 

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting IT solutions; you’re investing in a superior patient journey.

Healthcare Managed IT Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Healthcare Managed IT Services

We offer specialized IT solutions specifically designed for healthcare needs. We uniquely combine expertise in healthcare and technology. Our team understands both medical practices and IT needs, enabling us to offer specialized solutions. This expertise translates into better patient care, efficient operations, and robust data security, making us your ideal partner in healthcare managed IT services.

According to the HIPAA Journal, the healthcare sector accounts for the highest number of security breaches.  Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of our service. We undertake meticulous annual Risk Assessments and provide ongoing HIPAA Security Awareness Training to our staff. This commitment ensures that we not only meet but exceed healthcare compliance standards, minimizing risk and protecting patient data.

Absolutely, our services are designed for seamless integration with your existing systems. We perform detailed system evaluations to ensure our solutions fit effortlessly into your current infrastructure. This approach minimizes disruption and enables a smooth operational transition.

Our support extends beyond typical IT services. We offer 24/7 monitoring and real-time responses from expert agents trained in healthcare-specific customer service and cybersecurity, ensuring a secure and efficient operation.

We prioritize data security using advanced encryption techniques and multi-level authentication. Our team conducts continuous monitoring to safeguard against unauthorized access, ensuring that sensitive patient data remains strictly confidential and secure.

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