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Reasons to choose Cutting Edge Network Technologies as your IT firm in Florida:

  • Avoid IT disruptions with our 15-minute average issue resolution time, keeping your business running smoothly
  • Enhance your IT strategy with dedicated vCIO support, providing value through forecasting, budgeting and more
  • Protect your business with integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost and safeguard your data
  • Benefit from rapid response times, with an average of just 90 seconds for helpdesk support
  • Get our expert IT management fast with our 30-day mature onboarding process

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Features of Serices Provided by Our IT Company in Florida

Managed IT Services

Achieve seamless IT operations with our full Managed Services Platform. Benefit from our all-inclusive seat price, including Firewalls, Email Security, EDR, and Backups.


Protect your business from cyber threats with our integrated cybersecurity services. We prioritize security and compliance, offering complete coverage at no additional cost.

IT Support

Get rapid IT support with our locally-based 24/7 helpdesk. Experience an ultra-swift 90-second response time and a 15-minute average issue resolution time.

Cloud Services

Maximize your cloud potential with our expert cloud services. Simplify IT planning and consolidate needs to a single vendor. Benefit from our world-class processes.

IT Consulting

Drive business growth with our strategic IT consulting. Align IT with business goals and outcomes. Leverage our dedicated vCIOs for tailored growth strategies.

24/7 Helpdesk

Get round-the-clock helpdesk support. We offer locally-based 24/7 assistance with a 90-second response time. Trust in our 22+ years of experience and 98.3% CSAT rating.

Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your business with our disaster recovery services. Within 30 days of signing, all of your data will be safely copied to our secure off-site storage with planned regular backups.

Network Support

Enhance your network performance with our dedicated support. We provide monthly proactive visits, alignment checklists, and site documentation.

IT Outsourcing

Streamline your IT operations with our outsourcing services. We handle all day-to-day proactive efforts, including patch management, malware detection, and backups.

Florida IT Firm

Our All-Inclusive Services Covers All Your IT Needs

Get the best services for your business with our all-inclusive IT support package.

No more “Bronze”, “Silver”, or “Gold” levels – we provide everything you need in one package. Our “All in seat” price per user includes extras that other MSPs charge for, like Firewalls for every site, Email Security, EDR, and Backups.

Avoid the frustration of being nickeled and dimed after signing an agreement with a competitor. With us, you get full value and no hidden costs.

A Premier IT Firm in Florida Guarantees Client Satisfaction

Experience total assurance in the ROI and value we provide through our contractually guaranteed service levels. We clearly define the minimum quality and consistency of our services, so you’re always in the know.

We’re honored to be featured on MSP 501’s Channel Futures SMB Hot 101 list, adhere to ITIL standards, certify all our staff with HDI, utilize advanced BMC tools, and consistently achieve over 97% in CSAT responses.

Rely on us for outstanding service.

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IT Company Florida

Your Single Source
For Expert IT Consulting

Streamline your IT planning and bring all your IT needs under one roof with our comprehensive end-to-end IT support.

As a full-service one-stop solution, we cover all IT services across hardware, software, data, process, people, and strategy.

Our specialized departments and teams focus on their respective areas, ensuring projects are completed skillfully and on time.

Being larger than the average Central Florida MSP, we’re equipped to provide you with world-class service.

Proactive IT Support
For Peace of Mind

Achieve peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your IT is being looked after. Our dedicated people and teams handle nothing but proactive tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Every client has a dedicated Network Administrator for site documentation, monthly proactive visits, and Alignment checklists. We also offer integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost, so you can focus on your business without worrying about the risk of a breach.

Experience what it means to partner with one of the leading IT companies in Florida.

Florida IT Company

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Company in Florida

Experience the difference with our full Managed Services Platform, tailored to provide everything you need for the best IT services.

Unlike other MSPs, we prioritize cybersecurity and optimize IT toward your business goals.

With our “All in seat” price per user, you’ll benefit from bundled services like Firewalls, Email Security, EDR, and Backups, avoiding the nickel-and-dime approach of competitors.

Say so long to long wait times. Our locally-based 24/7 helpdesk support boasts a 90-second response time and an impressive 15-minute average IT issues resolution time.

With our dedicated teams, expert knowledge, depth of experience and proactive approach, you’ll enjoy rapid results.

You will speak to knowledgeable professionals who have the authority and ability to resolve your issues.

Absolutely. Protect your business with our integrated cybersecurity services at no additional cost.

Unlike most MSPs, we offer complete cybersecurity coverage to all of our managed services clients.

Simply focus on doing what you do best, growing your business and never worry about the risk of a breach.

We’ve got you covered.

Gain complete confidence in the ROI and value you receive with our contractually guaranteed service levels.

We outline the minimum quality and consistency of our services, so you know exactly what to expect.

We’re proud to follow ITIL standards, ensure everyone is HDI certified, leverage advanced BMC tools, and consistently receive above 97% CSAT responses.

Achieve your business goals with our strategic IT support.

Every client gets a dedicated vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) who works closely with the Network Administrator to provide strategic value in terms of forecasting, business continuity, and budgeting.

Our vCIOs meet with clients on a quarterly basis and also take on the role of account management between Quarterly Strategic Meetings.

Let us help you align your IT with your business objectives.

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