Make Sure You Don’t Experience These Managed IT Service Provider Challenges

November 25th, 2023
Managed IT Service Provider Challenges


In today's hyper-connected business landscape, IT managed services are no longer a luxury; they're a necessity.

However, a staggering 59% of organizations say they lack the in-house skills to manage their IT environment effectively, according to a report by CompTIA.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll dissect the six most pressing IT managed services challenges you should be aware of, enabling you to make an informed decision when selecting a provider.


1. Inadequate Skillset: The First of Many IT Managed Services Provider Challenges

An adept team is the backbone of any successful managed services partnership. Unfortunately, not all providers are created equal.

A lack of technical expertise can lead to disastrous outcomes, such as data breaches or system downtimes. According to Gartner, 95% of cloud security failures through 2022 will be the customer's fault, often due to a lack of expertise.

Actionable Tip: Before signing any contracts, request to see certifications, case studies, and customer testimonials to gauge the provider's skill level.


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2. Lack of Scalability: A Common Managed Services Challenge

Scalability is the linchpin of future-proofing your business.

A managed services provider that can't scale with you will become a bottleneck rather than a catalyst for growth. According to IDC, 37% of organizations cite scalability as a major IT concern.

Actionable Tip: During initial discussions, ask providers about their scalability options and whether they can accommodate your projected growth.


3. Hidden Costs: Navigating Financial Managed Services Challenges

The allure of a low upfront cost can often mask a plethora of hidden fees, from setup charges to maintenance costs.

These can quickly erode your ROI. A study by Clutch revealed that 23% of businesses are concerned about the cost of managed IT services.

Actionable Tip: Always read the fine print and ask for a detailed breakdown of costs before making a commitment.

4. Poor Communication: An Overlooked IT Managed Services Challenge

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful partnership. A lack of transparency can lead to misunderstandings, project delays, and increased costs.

Actionable Tip: Establish a clear communication protocol with your provider, including regular updates and performance reviews.


Key Considerations When Choosing an IT Managed Services Provider:


5. Security Risks: The Dark Side of Managed Services Providers Challenges

Security is non-negotiable. A single breach can cost millions and tarnish your brand's reputation.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

Actionable Tip: Evaluate the provider's security protocols rigorously. Ensure they comply with industry standards and regulations.


6. Limited Customization: The Last of the IT Managed Services Challenges

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely meets the unique needs of different businesses. Limited customization options can stifle your operational efficiency.

Actionable Tip: Look for providers that offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

Managed IT Service Provider Challenges


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In summary, being aware of these challenges and how to navigate them can make all the difference. Cutting Edge Network Technologies is committed to providing scalable, secure, and customizable IT solutions.

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