Exploring the 5 Biggest Industries in Orlando, FL

August 21st, 2023
Top Industries in Orlando, Florida

In an age where the dynamics of the global economy shift like sand underfoot, cities worldwide grapple with retaining their economic vitality. Orlando, often encapsulated in the allure of its magical theme parks, isn't exempt from this tussle.

Yet, beneath its enchanting facade lies a pulsating industrial heartbeat largely undiscovered by many.

Data from the Orlando Economic Partnership illuminates this narrative - revealing a staggering economic output surpassing $136 billion in 2019 alone. This isn't mere chance; it's the product of Orlando's diversifying economic canvas.



Embark on this journey with us, as we unravel the tapestry of Orlando's most robust industries, unveiling the core of its economic prowess.


The 5 Top Industries in Orlando, Florida


Tourism and Hospitality: The Heartbeat of Orlando

With its iconic attractions and magical allure, it's no surprise that tourism stands as one of the biggest industries in Orlando.

From theme parks to resorts, this sector attracts millions of visitors and significantly impacts local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and transportation. If you’re an entrepreneur, aligning your business with the tourism flow can reap incredible rewards.


Aerospace and Aviation: Soaring New Heights

Orlando's strategic location has made it pivotal in the aerospace industry. With close proximity to space centers, it's becoming a focal point for research.

Further, a report from Enterprise Florida states that the state is home to over 2,000 aerospace establishments. As an individual, understanding this sector can unlock potential career or investment opportunities in the industries in Orlando.


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Technology and Simulation: A Hub for Innovation

Under the radar of the general populace, Orlando has been steadily building its tech reputation.

Especially in the realm of simulation technology, both for military and entertainment applications. With the rising tech sector, aligning your skills or investments here could place you at the forefront of Orlando's top industries.



Medical and Biotechnology: Pioneering Health Solutions

Orlando isn't just about entertainment. It's also becoming a hub for medical research and biotechnology.

In fact, the Florida High Tech Corridor cites that the region has witnessed a 25.6% growth in life science establishments over a five-year period. Exploring opportunities in this domain could be both lucrative and fulfilling, especially if you’re driven by innovation in health.


Table: Quick Glance at Orlando’s Thriving Industries



Real Estate and Construction: Building the Future

With population growth on a steady rise, the real estate market in Orlando is booming.

Major construction projects are underway, reshaping the city's skyline. If you’re looking into long-term investments, understanding the nuances of the top industries in Orlando in the real estate sector can be immensely beneficial.


Top Orlando Industries


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