5 Ways cloud computing increases productivity

Maximizing productivity is a challenge that adopting cloud technology can help you overcome. This is true whether your staff works in your Orlando office or from home. As long as they’re connected to the internet, the cloud will enable your team to work efficiently and your business to operate normally.

In particular, cloud computing benefits your team’s productivity in five ways:

#1. It allows them to work from anywhere

With the cloud, your employees can be far away from their desk and still be productive. Let’s say they’re forced to stay at home because of a natural disaster or an emergency, or they need to get away from the office for a change in scenery. If your apps and data are hosted in the cloud, your employees can access the files they need and finish their tasks using an internet-capable device, wherever they may be.

#2. It supports teamwork and collaboration

Your staff can work on a single task remotely together, thanks to the cloud. Collaboration tools like Slack not only allow users to communicate with one another, but they also employ the cloud to enable easy transmission and exchange of files. This is useful for when your team members have to exchange ideas and documents.

Web-based applications like Google Docs and Office 365 take this function a step further. Using the cloud, they allow users to simultaneously work on a single document. They even allow users to comment, revise, and see changes being done by everyone involved in the task in real time.

#3. It minimizes delays from slow hardware

An old computer will rarely work as fast as your staff needs it to, slowing them down as a result. If you don’t have enough money to upgrade your hardware regularly, hosting your apps on the cloud could be a viable solution.

Using hosted apps puts most of the computing workload on the cloud platform instead of your old computers. This means that even if you use a legacy system that runs on Windows XP — although you really shouldn’t anymore — you may still be able to run newer apps. You’re essentially just using your computer to access the cloud and not the apps themselves, after all.

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#4. It helps protect your data from cyberattacks

The worst thing about a ransomware attack isn’t the ransom, but the downtime that usually follows. According to a report, the cost of downtime caused by ransomware increases year over year by 200 percent. In fact, the average cost of downtime in 2020 is about 23 times the average ransom in 2019.

The cloud makes for an ideal storage location for your company’s data. With these backups, your staff will always have access to the files they need to do their job. This means that ransomware and other types of cyberattacks will have little impact on productivity and help ensure smooth operations.

#5. It helps keep your team happy

The best way to keep your staff productive and performing well is to boost their morale. Reports indicate that one of the best ways to do this is to implement flexible working conditions. This means giving your staff the freedom to work on the go. By allowing users to effectively collaborate and communicate with one another away from their desks, the cloud is clearly crucial to this setup.


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